Jane Croft

We needed an i-beam placed above our newly installed aluminium stacking door. Black Bird Construction was the projects managing company and brought in their steel division Taai. They installed the i-beam quickly and effortlessly with no issues whatsoever.

Rashieda Isaacs

Taai has been a customer of ours (Leo Steel)  for many years now and we are always sending our customers to Taai simply because not once have we ever heard a complint from one of the customers we send to them. I can say quite confidently that they are very reliable and we at Leo Steel would gladly recommend Taai to anyone looking for a steel working company.

Bronwyn Oosthuizen

I've worked with Black Bird Construction (BBCon) and their steel division Taai on numerous projects. They have proven to be, without a doubt, an incredibly dependable and reliable building company who uphold a high standard of quality throughout all of their work and projects.