Sectional overhead doors should be installed if your garage is on the boundary or if there is limited space in your driveway in front of the garage, this is because sectional overhead doors slide directly up and over into the ceiling of the garage, in five sections, leaving the full opening of the garage available, as opposed to tipping up and out of your garage, as in the case of a tip up door.


Sectional overhead garage doors require 450mm head room, from the bottom of the lintel to the bottom of the ceiling or rafters, for installation, this amount of head room must follow through 3m back into the garage. It is possible to install a sectional door with a minimum of 250mm head room, however this will require a flip over panel to be installed.
Flip over panel simply means, that when the door is in the closed position, the top panel will still be in a slanted open position, which the motor will then push closed onto the lintel. Therefore, if a flip over panel is installed, a motor is essential to the door closing fully, and in this case it is recommended that a battery back-up be installed onto the motor.
For a sectional overhead door to be installed properly the garage needs to have a minimum of 100mm wall nip space on either side of the garage, ideally 150mm nip space is needed.

Single sectional overhead garage doors either get installed with tension or torsion spring mechanisms, but more often than not. Single sectionals are installed with tension springs. Double sectional doors should always use a torsion spring mechanism.

  • Tension spring mechanisms have a spring on either side of each track.
  • Torsion spring mechanisms have either one or two springs, depending on the weight of the garage door, mounted onto a torsion pole above the door.

Both these mechanisms neutralize the weight of the garage door, making it easy to manually move the door up and down.

Aluzinc sectional overhead garage doors have a rubber seal inserted onto the bottom of the garage door, which allows the door to get a complete seal on the bottom floor, preventing far more dust etc, from entering the garage. Side seals are also available to be installed on the outside of your garage door, on either side. These are used to completely seal the door from the outside elements, as the rubber seals are placed right up against the door. A sectional garage door should sit 10mm away from the garage walls, in order to prevent the door scratching on the walls or getting caught on the wall, preventing the door from sliding smoothing up and down.


Standard sizes of garage door openings for aluzinc sectional overhead doors:

  • Single sectional door (Type 1): 2550mm (w) x 2150mm (h)
  • Single sectional door (Type 2): 2400mm (w) x 2200mm (h)
  • Double sectional door (Type 1): 4850mm (w) x 2150mm (h)
  • Double sectional door (Type 2): 4800mm (w) x 2200mm (h)

It is important to note that these are the standard opening sizes for your garage door opening, as a maximum of 100mm still will be added to these sizes to get the standard panel size of the garage door itself.
All sectional overhead doors need to overlap, on each side with a minimum of 30mm to a maximum of 50mm, on the inside side walls of the garage. The door should also overlap with 30mm at the top of the garage.


All of Taai Steel Works doors have a wooden grain finish and come in 4 standard colours;

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Brown
  • Bronze

More colours are available but, at an extra charge. These custom colours are either powder coated or spray painted onto the door.
The aluzinc sectional overhead doors are available in either a horizontal slatted or raised and fielded (block) panels. It is however, important to note that if you opt for raised and fielded panels, and your door is not a standard size, you should consult your installer as to whether the blocks will be cut off, either on the sides or at the top of door.


Windows can be installed into the aluzinc garage doors:

  • Square aluminium framed glass windows or;
  • Elongated horizontal oval rubber framed glass windows (black rubber) or;
  • Square rubber framed glass windows (black rubber)