Aluzinc is mild steel, 45% aluminium 55% zinc. Paint is baked onto the steel, creating two layers of protection for the mild steel.

Aluzinc doors are highly recommended as the doors are light weight, very strong, do not fade and require almost no maintenance or up-keep. When the door is dirty you can simply hose it down with water... simple, easy and efficient.
All tip up garage doors, however, do have springs and hinges that should be regularly sprayed with either a silicone spray such as Q20 in order to help maintain a longer lifespan of the hardware, as well as preventing rust erosion and sticking hinges. Greasing the doors’ hardware is not recommended as the grease forms a grinding paste with dust and sand particles, which encourages rust and damage.

Different suppliers means different doors

Taai Steel Works uses various hardware suppliers for its garage door & gate hardware. All of whom are highly reliable suppliers and manufacturers within the Western Cape. All of Taai's suppliers use the same materials but the grain finish or pattern as well as the style of the raised and fielded panels used for the doors differs between each supplier.

When making a choice between aluzinc door types and which supplier to get your door from, we can assist and help you make those decisions. We'll help you by suggesting which doors suit you and your requirements best. If you require more information simply get a hold of us here.