We have sourced the best motors, at the lowest prices, that offer superior performance, for the longest possible period. Quality in function, durability and performance is key to enjoying a long lasting; trouble free, noise free motor.

Various motors are available on the market, but many have not been tried and tested over a certain period of time, it is for this reason that we only chooses to install automations that have proven themselves and have been available, for many years. It is also essential that the parts are readily and cheaply available for the automations, so that if any damage does occur to the motor, it can be easily repaired for a reasonable amount, as opposed to having to get an entire new automation because the parts are not available or are simply too expensive to replace.
Clients should also take note, that many of the older motors available in Western Cape have been discontinued, making repairs virtually impossible.

E.T Gate automations:

E.T 500 DC motor:
The E.T 500 DC is an excellent gate automations that have been on the market for over 8 years. This motor is for a sliding gate, and comes standard with 2 remotes and 4 meters of nylon rack, on a galvanised steel angle, needed for the motor cog to run up and down the gate. The automation has been upgraded from the first original model, but the important point is that the motor has remained virtually the same and all the parts are available straight from the supplier, without any waiting period, and all the new upgraded parts can be fitted to the original models. This motor has a slow stop slow start function that ensures that the door does not slam open or closed that will prolong the life of the gate and motor. It is for those reasons, that LHV garage doors recommends, all E.T gate automations, to all its customers.

E.T 500 AC/DC:
As the motor is AC/DC, it has true battery back-up, which means that the motor can run completely independently of the battery, as opposed to the DC motor. The E.T 500 AC/DC is commonly used on industrial or commercial sites, where the gate is in operation for most of the day, opens more than 10 times a day.

E.T Umpetha DC motor:
The Umpetha gate motor is the newest addition to the E.T family. This motor was introduced into the market, to accommodate light domestic gates. The umpetha gate motor can handle a gate up to 300kg, unlike the E.T 500 that can pull a gate up to 500kg in weight.

The motor is very quiet and takes up less space than the E.T 500 gate motor. It has the same standard E.T 500 features, but has had some improvements, with regards to the lockable cover, which is far more secure than the locking brackets used for the E.T500 motors. Another updated feature is that the fuse will no longer blow if the gate finds an obstruction, three times in a row, which would mean that the motor would not function until the fuse gets replaced.

90 Blue plus motors:
The 90 blue plus motors are used for swing gates. These motors can only be installed onto swing gates, where each leaf of the gates is less than 2.5m wide. The gates should have gaps between the wood, steel or whatever material was used to make up the swing gates, to allow wind to pass through easily, so that the gates are not forcefully blown into position.

The 90 blue plus is a 24 volt DC operation, with built in limit switches.