View the various steel, aluminium, building and construction projects undertaken by TAAI’s incredible team. You'll see a variety of projects including small gates to large factories.

Over the last few years, working together with Black Bird Construction's other divisions, TAAI has built up an impressive portfolio that includes; gate designs, ironmongery, aluminium doors and windows, garage doors, automation, building work, construction works, wetwork construction, brick work, fencing alterations, renovations, refurbishment and a whole lot more.

As you'll see below, we've put together images taken from various projects for viewing. This should help you and even encourage you to use TAAI as your builder or steel and aluminium products supplier. If you see anything you like or have any queries please feel free to contact us using the details provided on our contact page.

Every project documented

Every project, regardless of size, is monitored and every step documented. We ensure that we can always see the various work we have completed in the past so that we can not only show clients that we take pride in the work we do but so that we can see how we can always improve our systems, work methods and staff placements. A picture says a thousand words as the saying goes after all.

"Every product or service conducted or carried out by TAAI and or by its teams is of an excellent standard."

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