We have sourced the best motors, at the lowest prices, that offer superior performance, for the longest possible period. Quality in function, durability and performance is key to enjoying a long lasting, trouble free, noise free motor.

Garage door automations various motors are available on the market, but many have not been tried and tested over a certain time period, it is for this reason that we only chooses to install automations that have proven themselves and have been available, for many years. It is also essential that the parts are readily and cheaply available for the automations, so that if any damage does occur to the motor, it can be easily repaired for a reasonable amount, as opposed to having to get an entire new automation because the parts are not available or are simply too expensive to replace.
Clients should also take note, that many of the older motors available in Western Cape have been discontinued, making repairs virtually impossible.

Easy lift garage door automation:
The easy lift motor is an excellent automation that has been on the market for over 8 years. The automation has been upgraded from the first model, but the important point is that the motor has remained virtually the same and all the parts are available straight from the supplier, without any waiting period, and all the new upgraded parts can be fitted to the original models of the easy lift motor. The easy lift motor has a slow stop slow start function that ensures that the door does not slam open or closed that will prolong the life of the door and motor. It is for these reasons that garage door automations recommend the easy lift motor to all its customers. The easy lift motor is also a very quiet motor, unlike many spiral driven motors that are on the market.

The easy lift motor has digital limits that allow the installer to easy adjust the open and closed position of the garage door. Once digital limits are programmed, the motor limits will not go out of sync if the power is switched off and back on again, as the limits are stored into the memory of the motor pc boards.

The easy lift motor is available for tip up, sectional garage and roll up garage doors and pulls 800N power, which complies with the current government law regarding pulling power of door automations. The easy lift tip up and sectional overhead motor has an AC / DC motor on board, where as the roll up door motor a DC motor.
AC / DC motors do not rely on a battery to help power the motor and simply require a power supply, whereas DC motors are reliant on the battery back-up to function.

The easy lift tip up and sectional overhead automation is a chain driven automation. The chain is encased in a galvanised mild steel stem. Std easy lift tip up motor stems' extent 2500mm in length, whereas the sectional overhead motor stem is 3000mm in length.

Garage door automations supplies 2 four button remotes with each easy lift motor, this will allow the client to operate all the automations on the site with one remote, a button for each automation. The remotes are rolling code, for extra security. Extra remotes can be supplied at an extra charge to the client. A wall unit remote is also available for the garage door automation, on request from the client. This wall unit is battery operated and has a button that open and closes the garage door and a holiday lock out button that will lock the automation if held in for 5 seconds. When the motor is locked, no remotes or buttons on the actual motor will open the door, not until the holiday lock out button is held in again for 5 seconds. This function comes in useful for clients when away on holiday or for long periods of time.

If the client already has remotes that operate other automations around the house, such as a gate motor or electric lock on a pedestrian gate, an external receiver can be installed onto the new easy lift motor, in order to make the easy lift motor compatible with the clients existing remotes, so that everything can still operate off one remote.
External receivers are available for all automations as, different suppliers, supply different makes and models of motors that are not compatible with a different make of automation.

The easy lift motor has a manual release, situated on the traveller on the stem. The manual release allows the client to pull the cord hanging from the manual release and open the door themselves, without the automation actually opening or closing the door. This is essential as power cuts do occur, that could leave clients unable to open or close the garage. Battery back-up for the easy lift automation is also available as an optional extra for the client. LHV garage doors would definitely recommend that the client opts to take the battery back-up for the motor, as it allows the client to operate the opening and closing of the garage door via the automation even if there is no power supply to the motor. The easy lift battery back-up is a 24volt battery. Battery back-up should also be installed onto the automation if there is no other entrance door leading into the garage, so that if there is no power coming to the motor the client can still open the garage.

The easy lift roll up motor can be either installed onto the side or in the centre of the roll up door. This motor is provided with a weight, to keep the roll up door steady while opening and closing, as well as 2 four button remotes and a manual release function. The battery back-up on the easy lift roll up motor is not optional as this is a DC motor and needs battery to function sufficiently.

Key points that should be considered before purchasing an automation for a garage door:

  • The motor must be tried and tested
  • The motor must have parts freely available at reasonable prices
  • The motor must come with a one year guarantee from the supplier and installer
  • The motor must have a slow stop / slow start function
  • Have battery back-up available
  • Remotes with a minimum of 4 buttons per remote
  • Rolling code remotes
  • The motor must be assembled in south Africa
  • The motor must be pre-tested before leaving the supplier
  • The motor must be quiet

DC Blue garage door motor:
LHV garage doors also install the DC Blue garage door motor, an E.T systems automation, which is assembled in South Africa. This motor has recently upgraded to digital limits like the easy lift motor, as the manual limits are outdated technology. The DC Blue is available as a tip up or sectional overhead motor.

All LHV garage door automations have a one year guarantee on both products and installation, however PC boards are not covered against any acts of nature, such as geckos, ants etc getting into the motor, water damage or oxidation from the sea air on the boards. Power surges can also cause damage to the motor, which will not be covered under guarantee.