We ensures that the best quality, strongest and sturdiest materials are used to fabricate our clients' gates and fencing, that suits the clients' site and situation. It is important to that the materials used are not too flimsy for the purpose it needs to serve, or too heavy and bulky, as this will lead to problems in the future.

If the gate is wider than 4500mm or higher than 2000mm a 76mm x 50mm square tubing will be used as a bottom bar for the steel frame, to support the weight of the wooden gate and prevent the gate from sagging over time.

All meranti gates & fencing, as well as all tracks, brackets, hinges, etc. are galvanised before installation.

Meranti gates can fabricate meranti gates & fencing, fastening the planks either on top or inside the galvanised steel frame, using either with rivets or self driller screws. The client can choose whether to see the steel gate frame, wood fastened onto the inside of the frame, or not see the steel gate frame, wood fastened on top of the frame.

The meranti can simply be separate planks, with gaps between or the meranti can have tongue and groove joints, where each plank joins together. We source the best quality meranti available from the various suppliers. We also uses its meranti garage doors supplier to supply its meranti planks for gate and fencing fabrication.

If the client requests meranti tongue and groove swing gates, it is not recommended to install automations as the wind cannot travel through the gate, which can cause the wind to shove the gates open or closed that can alter the limits on the motor and cause damage to the motor. If automations are going to be installed, wood cladded gates with at least a 20mm gap between each plank should be fabricated and installed.

All meranti gates & fencing will be coated with meranti seed oil, to protect the wood from all outside elements and will allow the wood to breathe, to prevent the meranti from rotting.

Other wood such as Belau or treated pine can also be used to fabricate the gates, depending on the client's budget and personal style.

Standard gate:

  • 1800mm high
  • 50 x 50 square tubing frame
  • 145mm x 16mm meranti planks riveted onto frame
  • 20mm gaps between planks
  • 2 x 80mm wheels
  • Galvanised

Standard meranti fence between wall:

  • 32 x 32 square tubing frame
  • 145mm x 16mm meranti planks riveted onto frame
  • 20mm gaps between planks
  • Galvanised

LHV gates can fabricate steel framed meranti gates, either as a sliding or swing gate.

Sliding gates:
If possible a sliding gate option should always be installed, as opposed to swing gates, as swing gates have far more potential to cause problems when automated. Sliding gates simply slide back and forth on a track, and a sliding gate motor is also a far more efficient, simple system in comparison to a swing gate motor automation.

80mm roller wheels are installed onto LHV sliding gates, as these are easy to replace down the line if necessary, and leave an 80mm clearance between the bottom of the gate and track. Any sliding gate no matter the size or weight should only ever have two wheels installed onto the gate, as if more wheels are added, it can cause the gate to slide in uneven positions.

The track, which is what the gate wheels roll on, must always be installed as straight and level as possible, as this is essential in the smooth running and maintenance of the gate, especially if automated. LHV always galvanises all tracks that are fabricated and installed, to prolong the life of your track and prevent rapid corrosion from the sea air. LHV garage doors and gates fabricate gate tracks that are very stable and strong, as an angle is welded on top of a square tubing that forms a R.I.B. The track is then placed into a dug out trench and steel pegs are hammered, at an angle, deep into the ground and welded to the track. The track is then concreted in. This process of fabrication and installation ensures that the track is exceptionally strong, will not sag or crack out from its concrete bed. This process also allows the client to be able to drive over the track on the same day of installation, as opposed to having to wait a day or two.
As the track can be installed in one day, the client will not be left with an open property that is a definite security risk. LHV installs and completes its gates in one day.

As security is the crucial point of gates and fencing, anti lift brackets are always fabricated and installed onto the gate to prevent thieves from easily entering or removing the gate.

Swing gates:
The client can either opt to install a single leaf swing gate or double leaf swing gates. If the opening where the gates need to be installed is wider than 2500mm, the client should definitely choose to have two swing gates installed as opposed to a single leaf swing gate system, if the client wants to automate the gates. This is due to the fact that swing gate motors should also only be installed onto gates no wider than 2500mm per leaf. A wider single leaf swing gate can however be installed if no motor is going to be installed onto the single swing gate.

LHV garage doors and gates fabricates its own hinges to weld onto swing gates, as opposed to using bullet hinges that will rust and seize in the Western Cape, due to the sea air.