Aluzinc tip up doors should be installed only if your garage is not on the boundary or if there is enough space in your driveway in front of the garage, this is because a tip up door tips up and out of your garage, which means that a car or anything for that matter, cannot be parked directly in front of the garage door.


Standard sizes of garage door openings for aluzinc tip up doors:

  • Single tip up door (Type 1): 2700mm (w) x 2150mm (h)
  • Single tip up door (Type 2): 2500mm (w) x 2200mm (h)
  • Double tip up door (Type 1): 4800mm (w) x 2150mm (h)
  • Double tip up door (Type 2): 4900mm (w) x 2200mm (h)


All aluzinc doors have a wood grain finish and come in 4 standard colours;

  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Brown
  • Bronze

More colours are available but, at an extra charge. These custom colours are either powder coated or spray painted onto the door.
The aluzinc tip up doors are available in either a horizontal slatted or raised and fielded (block) panels. It is however, important to note that if you opt for raised and fielded panels, and your door is not a standard size, you should consult your installer as to whether the blocks will be cut off, either on the sides or at the top of the door.


Windows can be installed into the aluzinc tip up garage doors:

  • Square aluminium framed pvc windows or;
  • Elongated horizontal oval rubber framed windows (black rubber)